My cars….

I have driven so many different cars over time…To most people a Ford Puma does not ring a bell. And to those who do, they will tell you that it looks like a roller-skate.The Puma is a car from the Ford sport series amongst a more famous one: the Cougar. The Puma is the “little” brother from the Cougar, although you could not tell performance-wise.Because of the 1.7i gasoline, 125 Horsepower and its’ light weight chassis this small peace of high-tech technology easily surpasses it’s big brother. Like they say: size doesn’t matter. This is true especially for a young couple like my wife and myself. It is also an excellent holiday spinner…. if you don’t have a place to sleep like a tent, just move down the front seat and you will have an excellent sleeping facility. Whether you want to sleep, that is up to you…Unfortunately I am not the real owner. It is a ‘lease’ car, but still I am exhilarated about my choice. I was a bit preset on Ford, since all of my previous cars I owned have been Fords, and I rarely had any problems with them. Leaves me to say: check it out for yourselves and my guess is that you will be surprised!!! Everyone I know sure is…in my opinion concerning cars, Ford definitely made his comeback…A car I did own before the Puma was a Fiësta Ghia that was built in 1976. I bought it in 1992 from my best friends’ family, which cherished the car enormously. It was well maintained and rarely used. It had only one glitch which in the end also was the reason why we had to send it for demolition: the forward suspension.My…if I think of all ,the adventures I experienced with that car. Phfew. Nobody believed that it would survive longer then half a year, but I had it for 5 long and good ones. For example: Going on holiday to south France (every year at least one time), making out on the backseat and blankets with a flowery pattern to protect it from the cold.. Well.What can I sayy: take a look yourself on the picture on the left.What do you think? Is she a beauty or not? Strange that every men sees his car as a female. I know I do. And she has never let me down….Well as a ford driver, there is only one choice to make for my next car. Another Ford. Perhaps you have already seen the big brother of the Puma, the Cougar. That one is more impressive, though there are some minor points to reconsider. One reason for me to have chosen the Puma is the comfort, agility and size. Try finding a parking space somewhere and you will find that those small cars always find their way, opposite to the bigger ones. Also ‘smaller’ persons should be able to drive the car, one small person in particular. 1-ford3-puma_26-jaguar_15-bmw_24-alhambra_18-mg_12a-puma_11