Over mij


“Observer” in German.
You were born on Tuesday 6th November 1973.
Indulge in everything that has your interest. You can work together with everyone but do not precede glory, which is for the other.

Your sign is Scorpion. You favorite color is Silver. Silver is pure and shining, it gives and reflects light and is radiant rich. Silver is an eye-catcher and has a magnetic attraction through its’ clarity. Your planet is Neptune. Impractical, intriguing, mysterious, self-inspired and to others, has visionary gifts. Keeps in touch with the unseen.

Your favorite gem is Platinum and/or “paarlemoer” (the stuff on oysters), and your favorite tone is the High E.

This was given to me by a fortune-teller on a carnival. Do you believe it?
No? Well, there is always a truth in the untruth, but if you really want to read something about me pick anything else from the menu (on the right 😉 )

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